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Friday, May 8, 2009

Sic transit . . .

We are here at last! After some typical travel "adventures" (missed our connection in Frankfurt to Cracow and once rerouted to Munich we had a long wait due to a medical emergency), we arrived at the Hotel Atrium on the periphery of the Old Town (Stare miasto) of Krakow. The help at the registration desk was wonderful. Miss Agnieszka (pani Agnieszka) arranged for us to have our complete stay at Atrium (we don't have to change hotels :) and we got settled. Still on a high from travel, we went out at walked around and then had dinner at the hotel restaurant. Quite good. We slept like logs, just happy to be off our feet and not sitting up!


  1. I'm so glad you've arrived and are communicating with us all...congratulations. What are you eating? Does it seem like forever since you've been there? Have you had any Polish wine? Sounds like all is well. Enjoy enjoy!

  2. Some wine, but mostly beer! A little less inebriating and fizzy---good for the stomach.
    Food is hearty and fresh and the Hotel Atrium has great breakfasts!

  3. I am glad you won't have to switch hotels, this should make things a lot easier. You would have probably lost a half of a day having to relocate in the middle of your trip.