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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Day before departure

Here I am, mostly packed. Packing is fairly easy; with on my google search page, I check the Krakow weather every day, in order to pack appropriately. I have to remember that Poland is 6 hours ahead of Michigan, so that I'm not checking the weather in the middle of the night! For sure, one very small umbrella, one long-sleeved shirt, some silk long underwear just in case. Then today I experimented with my SIM card for my GMS world phone. I'm not sure it's going to work as easily or cheaply as the SIM card when I traveled to Italy a couple of years ago. Maybe just using Skype on my laptop to keep in touch with family and friends will be more economical. Should the students in 2010 each have a laptop? I think so; Skype is the best international bet.

The Cracow Post ( is an easy monthly guide geared to tourists and ex-pats living in Cracow. The real skinny is in the main Polish newspaper, Gazeta wyborcza and TVP---Telewizja polska (Polish tv with 3+ channels). Look at the left where I've posted some links for Polish news in English.

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