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Raised in California, graduated from Dominican College, Phd in Slavic Languages and Literatures from Indiana University. Teaching at UM-Flint since 1986 in the History Department. Retired 2012, but continues to love teaching (online), writing, and research.
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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Rhythm and sound

This is the Old Town in Krakow, formerly surrounded by city walls, but in the 19th century the walls were torn down and the moat was filled in to make a green ring around the city that is called the "Planty". Trams run on the streets outside the Planty; their periodic rumble reaches our district. Late at night when except for trams the streets are quiet, you sometimes hear horses hooves from the carriages leaving town. The hourly trumpet call can be heard from St. Mary's Basilica on the Market Square. After just a few days back in Krakow the sounds are familiar again. True Cracovians, those who have lived here for generations, would never think of living anywhere else. Their city---filled with characters and history---is the only place to live, a world of its own.

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