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I grew up in Mill Valley, California, lived in Poland, and studied Slavic Languages and Literatures at Indiana University. I taught at University of Michigan-Flint since 1986 in the History Department. I retired 2012, but continue to love teaching, writing, and research. I still teach online. The picture on this blog was taken in at my 50th high school reunion in 2013. A joy to see so many again . . .

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sunday, May 17 Jazz in Krakow---u Muniaka

Sundays are always days to relax. Church attendance in Poland has fallen along with the fall of communism, but still Poland is one of the most "practicing Catholic" countries in Europe. It's still a day of rest, a day to relax and decompress. Cracovians stroll in the afternoon, as a rule dressed for Sunday or visiting friends (fashion is much in evidence). This May weather has been warm and entices everyone outside. Like the Italian "passagiata" but earlier in the afternoon and evening, Poles stroll the streets in groups chatting, talking on their cell phones, or congregate in restaurants. I had a late afternoon wine and cheese at Vino Bottega in Slawkowska St. and then dinner around 9 pm at "Cherubino" (Italian/Polish cuisine) in St. Tomasz St.---a current hot spot for Poles and foreigners too. Afterwards, to avoid the loud pub scene, we went to hear live jazz at "u Muniaka" (at Muniak's place) a cave at Florianska 3.

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